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About Processing Aid
Polymer Processing Aid

Rheopoly®PPA are series of fluoropolymer based processing aids. It can improve the process of thermoplastic extrusion, especially in low MI liner polyolefin (LLDPE, HDPE and m-PE).



Used for all extrusion process :

- Wire and cable
- Blow film
- Casting film
- Blow molding
- Pipe&tube extrusion
- Filament
- Masterbatch production



1、 Improve film surface quality by eliminating melt fracture


2、 Shorten down time by reducing die build up


3、 Increase output and energy saving

4、 Improve pigment dispersion

5、 Improve processability of low MI resins.


Processing Guide:

Typical dosage 0.02%-0.1%

Dispersion is critical for good performance

20-60 minutes conditioning time

2-5% concentration masterbatch to have good dispersion

Twin screw extruders for masterbatch making